What One Mom Had to Say About AJTL Lapbooking . . .

We've been asking questions - because we want to know what moms say about AJTL lapbooking and how it helps their children learn.

Martina Bump is a homeschool mom, like you, and she had these things to say about our lapbooks . . .   "My children and I love A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks and study guides!!! We have done several of them and my girls retain more by being able to write,cut and glue and put together a lapbook that is fun and engaging to look at over and over again. With your student wanting to go back and look at what they have created over and over they are reinforcing what you have taught them.In addition to it being fun it works on fine motor skills such as cutting ,writing and also on following step by step directions.

Upon finishing one of the lapbooks my daughter took it to show her speech and OT therapist and they were very impressed by what she had accomplished and how much she had retained from schooling with the lapbook. The therapist agreed that this was the PERFECT fit for my struggling learners.

The strides they have made in school since doing lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning have been amazing!!!

What a wonderful testimony of homeschooling it has been to their therapist. Some who were not for homeschooling have been in favor of my homeschooling as a result. Thank you Paula for taking the time and helping out an overwhelmed mom, a few years ago . It has been a tremendous blessing." ~ Martina Bump - Happy Homeschool Mom   
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