Notebooking is a new term for an old concept-journaling! Notebooking is simply taking the old boring, black and white composition notebooks and replacing them with unique and interesting writing pages.

Notebooking pages give a child a place to become creative. Through notebooking, your child will be using and developing many important skills. After your child has read about, researched and studied a certain subject, he/she then goes to the notebooking binder to “re-tell” what has been learned. The “re-telling” part is very important. Not only does it let you know how much your child has understood and gained from the subject, it also gives your child a chance to let his/her creative side shine.

He/She will use narration skills, writing skills, organizational skills and even artistic skills. Once the notebook is completed, your child will then be able to share his/her new-found knowledge with dad, grandparents or even themselves in a creative and fun way. The notebooks also becomes a great way to look back over the year to see how your child has grown in language uses, penmanship and creativity.

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