Ten Creative Lapbooking Supplies

Last week we discussed ten reasons to try lapbooking.  This week we are going to talk about a few supplies that can make lapbooking a little bit more “crafty”. Personally, I need to let my children do this a little more.  Our children have a lot of fun embellishing after they do the thinking part of filling out the information.  This also helps cover another subject in school - art!

Creative thinking and creative activities are key when teaching special needs children and those with dyslexia. Making supplies, such as these, available to them can go a long way towards helping them retain what they learn. By using artistic means to enhance the school work in your homeschool, you help to engage both the left and right brain activity in your students.

Learn more about how this can make a difference in teaching - especially those with dyslexia and other special needs. There are many (limitless) supplies you can choose from - these are a few of our favorite. Top Ten Unusual Lapbooking Supplies:

  1. Glitter Glue
  2. Water Color Crayons
  3. Oil Pastels
  4. Glue Dots
  5. 3d Glue Dots
  6. Eyelets, Rivets & Brads
  7. Circle Cutter
  8. Decorative scissors
  9. Yarn and ribbon in various colors
  10. Stickers, buttons, flowers
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