Researching Mammals Binder-Builder

Researching Mammals Binder-Builder - A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks


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Does your student love researching animals? This Binder-Builder gives your student a place to record information about many favorite mammals. Those included are the buffalo, camel, beaver, rhinoceros, cheetah, echidna, elephant, bat, anteater, panda, giraffe, gorilla, bear, hippo, koala, leopard, lion, moose, platypus, polar bear, porcupine, antelope, raccoon, kangaroo, skunk, sloth, tiger, wolverine, wombat, and zebra.

A Binder-Builder is like a lapbook except that the booklets are glued onto cardstock pages and kept in a 3-ring binder.

Does not include a study guide. The purpose of the Binder-Builder is to encourage research and offer a fun and educational way to record data.

117 pages