An Overview of the 19th Century Unit Study

An Overview of the 19th Century Unit Study - A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks


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Wow! The 19th century in America! Crowding is getting to be a problem on the New England coast. New territory needs to be gained! Join Lewis and Clark as they set out to find what lies beyond the wilderness. With new territory comes the issue of slavery. Will the new states be free or allow slaves? Should individual states have the right to decide for themselves? The Civil War will be needed to put the matter of slavery to rest!

An Overview of the 19th Century covers the years 1800-1899. It is complete and comes with an information page for each topic written at a level your child will understand. Each information page has an activity for your child to do that will increase understanding. Each page also has vocabulary words underlined so that your child can see them in context. You'll find vocabulary sheets for your child to write in the definition of the words. Also included are time line pictures that your child can actually glue onto a time line! Most of the images in our unit study are actual photos. There is also a fun multi-page research activity on the 19th century presidents complete with pictures!

Topics in "An Overview of the 19th Century" include: Reconstruction, Louisiana Purchase, Slavery, War of 1812, Missouri Compromise, Underground Railroad, Mexican-American War, Trail of Tears, Manifest Destiny, Industrial Revolution, Oregon Trail, Gold Rush, Abraham Lincoln, Civil War, Confederates, Union, The Railroad, Coming to America, Indian Wars, School in the 1800's, Cities and Inventions, Technology of the 1800's, Presidents of the 1800's.

60 pages