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The Gospel From Genesis Many adults today cannot adequately defend their Christian faith because they do not understand the book of Genesis…yet all major Christians doctrines, including salvation, have their foundation in this book of beginnings.

Turn to the front of the book and look through the pictures. Each picture is worth a thousand words! When you go through these strikingly colorful and oftentimes humorous illustrations, the Gospel message will be spelled out.

As you read the rhymes, the theology that we all need to know and understand will come alive. And as you read the parent and teacher notes, you will think you are reading a commentary on the book of Genesis that presents the Gospel in a unique way.

You will be excited to go through this book with children of all ages in your home, church, school, or other groups. It will help them to understand and defend the Gospel against the increasing tide of evolutionary humanism that is taking over Western society.

It is our prayer that there will be much “joy in the presence of the angels of God” if the LORD in His infinite mercy should use this publication to bring any to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is what this book is all about.

Read A is for Adam and you will see the Gospel in Genesis come alive!

This lapbook is made to supplement "A is for Adam" book by Ken Ham. Both book and this lapbook are required to do the lapbook. Order the lapbook here. Then go to newleafpublishingroup.com to order "A is for Adam" book.

This lapbook requires 3 folders

59 pages