What are Lapbooks?

Lapbooks are hands-on projects that engage all of a child's senses. 

Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners- lapbooking provides movement.

Auditory Learners- absorb information as they talk about what they're doing.

Visual Learners- benefit from the opportunity to see what they and everyone else is creating.

Using tools such as markers, scissors, and glue in lapbooking projects also builds the fine motor skills that children will need to use for functional activities throughout their lives. 

  • We provide all the mini-booklet templates, reading material, and clear instructions. 
  • You will need file folders to do lapbooks. We give you instructions on how to fold them. You can use your own folders or purchase them already folded from us.
  • We give you the material to read to your child. We call them Study Guides. No need to find reading material yourself! We do have a few lapbooks that have no study guide, however we do note that in the description.
  • As your child works through the lapbook, he/she will draw or write what is learned inside the mini-booklets. 
  • Those mini-booklets are then glued into the file folders. 
  • When complete, your child will have something to show Dad, grandparents, and friends. Lapbooks look nice in a portfolio to show to the state if your state requires such.
  • Every time your child shows and explains the contents in his lapbook, he/she will be continuing to learn the information within it and not even realize it!
  • Lapbooks are motivating for the reluctant learner. Beats boring worksheets hands down.