History in 12 Weeks Unit Study

History in 12 Weeks Unit Study - A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks


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This activity book is perfect to use as a quick, to the point, study of history, but LOADED with fun activities! In this activity book, you will find many topics!

Each lesson will include:

Study Guide-Each of the topics has an information page to read to your child.

Activity Page- After the information page has been read, it is time to do the activity that is found right after the information page. Some of these activities are more for fun while others are more challenging. All of them will enrich your child’s understanding and knowledge of each topic. 83 pages

Research and/or Report Sheet

Craft Page and/or Cooking Fun

Coloring Sheet

Topics/People covered are:

Week 1: Christopher Columbus

Week 2: Pilgrims

Week 3: American Revolution

Week 4: Declaration of Independence

Week 5: George Washington

Week 6: Louisiana Purchase

Week 7: War of 1812

Week 8: Missouri Compromise

Week 9: Underground Railroad

Week 10: Civil War

Week 11: Abraham Lincoln

Week 12: Industrial Revolution

83 pages