Weather Lapbook with Study Guide and Copywork

Weather Lapbook with Study Guide and Copywork - A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks


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Learn about the basics of weather with our mini lapbook with copywork. Includes:

What is a Meteorologist?
Make a Rain Gauge
The Water Cycle
Water Cycle Activity
What are Clouds?
What are Cirrus Clouds?
What are Stratus Clouds?
What are Cumulus Clouds?
What are Nimbus Clouds?
Write a Cloud Poem
What are Cirrostratus Clouds?
What are Cirrocumulus Clouds?
What are Altostratus Clouds?
What are Stratocumulus Clouds?
What are Nimbostratus Clouds?
What are Cumulonimbus Clouds?
Draw the Different Clouds
Let’s Make the Clouds
Painting with Clouds
What are Rainbows?
Color the Rainbow
What are Tornadoes?
Let’s Make a Tornado
Tornado in a Jar
What are Hurricanes?
What is Hurricane Season?
Hurricane Disaster Plan
Let’s Make a Hurricane Disaster Box
Let’s Make a Pet Emergency Box
What is Lightning?
Creating Lightning
Make Mouth Lightning
What is Wind?
Make Wind Chimes
What are Tsunamis?
Write “tsunami” in Japanese

52 pages- Comes with mini lapbook, copywork, drawing activities, and more.
Requires 1 file folder.