Apologia Lapbooks (small)

Made to go along with Jeannie Fulbright's Apologia elementary science textbooks. These small lapbooks are 3-folders in size and have a total of about 28-30 mini-booklets. We recommend the small size for those who like lapbooking just occasionally.

At the top of each mini-booklet page are directions concerning the construction of your mini-booklet, pages to read from the Fulbright book (highlighted in bold text), and what your student will record in the mini-booklet after reading to show what is learned. A small key is also here to show you where to glue each mini-booklet into the folders.


Answer Key

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Website and Book Suggestions

Super Easy Lapbook Instructions-Our directions and placement key are on the SAME page as the mini-booklet, unlike other Apologia lapbooks that have instructions in one section of the lapbook and the assembly guide in another section of the lapbook, and the mini-booklets in another section. Very confusing and causes parents to have to do a lot of searching back and forth to assemble the lapbook.

We also have larger, more-intensive Apologia lapbooks. Click here to see.

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