Classical Conversations JUNIOR Learning Activity Book 5th Edition Cycle 2

Classical Conversations JUNIOR Learning Activity Book 5th Edition Cycle 2 - A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks


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Check with your Classical Conversations group to see which edition they will be using. This workbook is for the 5th Edition curriculum.

Why this book?

  • a keepsake to show dad, grandparents, and friends.
  • a review of concepts learned throughout the year.
  • a visual component of the concepts that are taught orally.
  • a portfolio at the end of the school year to show your state (if required).


What will my child learn?

Daily practice pages for History, Latin, English, Science, Geography, Math, and Fine Arts taught during Foundations Cycle 2.

Use these pages daily!

Using a fine tip dry erase pen, your student can practice the pages in this book multiple times during the week before using a pencil to make it permanent.

  • Simply cut off one side of a page protector. Open it up and slip it over the page your student is going to do. Using this method, your student can practice any or all of the pages as many times as needed to learn the information for the week.
  • Erase the answers from the page protector before starting on the next page.
Repeat this method daily during the week until you feel your student knows the information. At that point, your student will fill in the pages using a pencil so that it is permanent.
181 pages

    ***Please note: This workbook does not contain any of the memory sentences. These can be found in your Classical Conversations
    Curriculum Guide.