Classical Conversations Learning Activity Book 4th Edition Cycle 3

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Learning Activity Book Weeks 1-24 - A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks


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This product is for the 4th edition curriculum. There is now a 5th edition available. Check with your group or check your teacher's manual to see which edition you will be using. 

Written for students in the Classical Conversations Cycle 3 program, this Learning Activity Book:

      -provides a place for students to practice, review, and record memory work.
      -is a helpful tool for mom and one that will enhance your student's learning experience.
      -covers memory work for the entire 24 week term.

Each week contains the follow pages:

Memory Sentence Fill-In Page for English, Latin, Science, and Math- This page can be used for 4 days of practicing the memory sentences and here’s how! Simply cut off the left side of ONE page protector. Slip it over the page. Now, your student can use a write-on marker to do the page each day without actually writing on the page. Then, on the last day, your student uses a pencil to write on the actual page. Move the same page protector to Week 2 and start over.

History Sentence Copywork Page-Student uses this page to write out the History Sentence.

History Notebooking Page- Student uses this page to take notes about the History lesson.

Science Notebooking Page-Student uses this page to take notes about Science lesson.

Fine Arts Page- This page will have the art lesson for the week.

Geography Page- Student uses this page to practice drawing the maps.

      At the end of the school year, your child will have a wonderful resource showcasing the lessons from his/her Classical Conversations Cycle 3 program!
      This series is designed to complement Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations.
    *** You will need to own the Classical Conversations Foundations guide to complete this Learning Activity Book. Check out Classical Conversations for more information and to join a community near you! We are not affiliated with Classical Conversations in any way. However, we do love their resources and our CC community! Give CC a try today!