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A History of Us


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 What is A History of US

History is chronological and so is this 10-book series: Book one begins thousands of years ago with people walking and boating toward an unknown continent. Book three deals with the revolutionary and constitution-making era. Book six tackles the Civil War. Book ten ends with the election of Barack Obama. These small books are easy to read, and there's none of the intimidation that comes with behemoth texts. A History of US is an attempt to break the textbook mold. As one child reader wrote, the books seem like "an action movie.

How do I use A History of US with the Binder Builder by 
A Journey Through Learning?

Along with the Binder-Builder, your child will be need the corresponding A History of Us text by Joy Hakim. For instance, if your child is doing A History of Us, Book 5, you will use the Binder-Builder that is made for Book 5. Your child will read a chapter in the A History if Us text and then work in the Binder-Builder doing a vocabulary page and lapbook booklet for that chapter. By using the Binder-Builder along with A History of Us, your child will have a hands-on resource to record what he/she is learning while reading through the book. 64 pages