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Who doesn't LOVE horses!!

A Journey Through Learning has teamed with the American Morgan Horse Association Horsemastership Program to bring your student a hands-on, educational product about Morgan horses!

What is the American Morgan Horse Association Horsemastership Program?

The Morgan horse is truly one of the most beautiful, versatile and historically rich breeds in the world. We are proud of its past, present, and future – and we are eager to share that with you.

The Morgan horse is known for many things: his extreme beauty and heart, his athleticism and versatility, his willingness and intellect. But his most important trait—the one that distinguishes him from all other breeds—is his people-loving attitude. The Morgan horse wants a relationship with you and that is why our slogan is, "The Horse That Chooses You." No doubt your involvement with the Morgan horse is a relationship you will treasure for a lifetime. There's just nothing better than spending time with your Morgan.

The American Morgan Horse Association Horsemastership Program seeks to advance the breed and offer exciting programs and services for all our members.

About the Horsemanship Binder-Builder:

We were thrilled when the AMHAY asked A Journey Through Learning to make a Binder-Builder tailored specifically to their Horsemanship program. The AMHAY is highly recommending that your student complete this Binder-Builder to prepare for Horsemanship badge testing. Completing this Binder-Builder also counts as a 4-H credit. To learn more about the program, go to link above.

Do I have to be a member of the AMHAY to purchase this

NO, you do not. Anyone who wants to learn more about Morgan horses would enjoy our Horsemanship Binder-Builder!

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