Bargain Bucket 2

Ancient History Lapbooks

Exploring Ancient Greece-2 available

Exploring Middle Ages- 4 available

Middle Ages- 1 available

Exploring the Renaissance- 1 available

Exploring Mesopotamia-1 available

Exploring Mesoamerica-1 available


American History Lapbooks

Exploring Explorers-7 available

Early Explorers- 5 available

American Indians- 5 available

Exploring American Indians- 1 available

American Revolution- 1 available

Wars of America 1600-1899- 3 available

Pioneers Days- 3 available

Colonial America- 1 available

Going West- 3 available

Overview of the 18th Century- 2 available

Overview of the 19th Century- 1 available

George Washington- 1 available


Science Lapbooks

Reptiles- 2 available

Amphibians- 1 available

Vertebrates and Invertebrates- 2 available

Light- 3 available

Food Chains, Consumers, Kingdoms, and Classification- 4 available

Electricity- 10 available

Oceans of the World- 3 available

Exploring Space- 6 available

Exploring Astronomy- 3 available

Exploring Physics- 7 available


 Geography Lapbooks

Exploring Russia-10 available

Exploring France-10 available

Exploring Europe-5 available

Exploring South America-1 available

Antarctica-1 available

Africa- 1available

Ohio-1 available

Texas-1 available


Bible Lapbooks

Death and Resurrection of a King (Jesus) - 2 available

The New Testament- 3 available

Parables of a King- 4 available

The Answers Book for Kids Vol. 2 by Ken Ham- 2 available

The Answers Book for Kids Vol. 3 by Ken Ham- 3 available


Preschool/Early Learning Lapbooks

Bible ABC Pocket Games- 1 available

All About Me-10 available


Fine Arts Lapbooks

The Tortoise and the Hare (goes with Maetro Classics CD)- 1 available

Exploring Artists-1 available

Exploring Fine Arts for Cycle 2 Classical Conversations- 1 available

Mother's Memories- 1 available



Reading/Literature Lapbooks

Exploring William Shakespeare-10 available


Holidays/Seasons Lapbooks *None of these have folders

Easter-1 available

Valentine's Day-1 available

Christmas (secular)- 1 available

Harvest Time-3 available


Teacher/Mom Helps

Educational Charts, Graphs, and Templates- 1 available

60 Easy-to-Assemble Lapbook Templates- 3 available