Junior Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Learning Activity Book Weeks 1-24

Junior Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Learning Activity Book Weeks 1-24 - A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks


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This is for the 4th edition book. The 5th edition will be out soon.

This 24 week activity book is created with younger Foundation students in mind. Unlike our regular Activity Book, the pages in this Junior Activity Book have a larger area on the page for students to write answers. We also have included a lot of the work with dotted letters to help the younger child when spelling bigger words.

The Activity Book is made for 4 days of practice and review using a page protector and a dry erase marker. The 5th day the work is to be written in permanently with a pencil. Here’s how. Simply cut off the left side (the side with holes) of a page protector. Open it up and slip it over the page. Now, your student can use a dry erase marker to do the page for 4 days without actually writing on the page. Then on the 5th day, your student uses a pencil to write on the actual page. Your student can do the front and back of a page before it will need to be erased and moved to the next page..

When the Activity Book is complete, you will have a written record of your student’s work for the entire year of Classical Conversations! We have heard that parents use it as part of their child’s portfolio when they have to report to their state at the end of the year. The Activity Book also makes a nice keepsake to show to dad, grandparents, and for yourself to look back on as your student gets older.

Each week contains the follow pages:

History -1 easier and 1 harder. Choose according to the writing skill of student.

Geography, Latin, English, Math, Science, and Fine Arts.

200 pages